We need to make better sense of what goes on in the world together. In this interactive workshop we explore how to make sense in and together with a diverse group. Unleash the intelligence of a collective to solve complex problems and avoid the pitfalls of groupthink.

Based on relevant research, yet comprehensive and applicable this workshop address the drivers and effects of collaborative intelligence and how to get the best out of your team.

This seminar is aimed at managers, team leaders, business developers, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and all people interested in collective learning. It will be held in English and is free of charge. Welcome!

Anna Lundbergh, Ambiwise, is an organizational consultant with many years of experience from working with cross-functional change teams and transformation in private and public sector.

Helene Stalin Åkesson is a graphic recorder with experience from doing graphic recording in various contexts, such as workshops, change processes and presentations. Helene captures what is going on in the room.
Tuesday October 17

17.30-20, Foo Café, Media Evolution City, St Varvsgatan 6a, Malmö
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