Jesper Lindmarker – Next stage organizations

A lecture on individual and organisational development, participatory culture and building a Castle next to the royal castle that disrupts our view of what work life is.

The next stage of organisations is emerging, the management world is abuzz with talk of the book Reinventing Organizations and how to create higher levels of participation.

If you are interested in developing yourself and/or your organisation you will eventually face the questions “What is development actually?”, Where will it lead us?” and “How can it be achieved?”. Jesper has probed the depths of these questions and will take you for a tour of the theoretical/academic perspectives of developmental psychology and Integral theory as well as practical examples of highly developed organizational practices in different settings.

Theory is connected to Jesper’s own exploration in the start-up world, Burning man participatory culture, driving from Stockholm to Mongolia while writing a cookbook and building The Castle.

Vi ses hos Jesper på The Castle, adress är Slottsbacken 8.

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