How does work actually work in a company that has opted for making all major decisions collectively in a yearly participatory process? In what they call ”Delaktighetsprocessen”, Arkatay determines the next year’s strategy, budget and employment agreements to take a few examples. As the company has grown, the organization have recently adopted aspects from Holacracy, a new constitution and a new incentive structure, where each individual basically determines their salary themselves. During this session, Klas Skogmar from Arkatay will navigate you through some of the issues that the company has gone through in the past, inviting you all to discuss those issues to determine what you would have done, while presenting the results of the choices Arkatay made.

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17.30-18.00: Check-in and introduction

18.00-18.40: Presentation from Klas Skogmar followed by discussions

18.40-19.00: Break with snacks

19.00-20.00: Presentation followed by discussions and rounded off by a


This seminar is aimed at managers, team leaders, business developers, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and all people interested in teal organizations and related organising and leaderhip. It will be held in English and is free of charge. Welcome!

Questions? Please contact Anna Lundbergh, org consultant and founder of Teal for Teal Malmö at  070-876 39 78.