In this highly participative online meeting, we will play within a collaborative space using Zoom and Jamboard. You will learn about Five to Fold decision making, 5toFold, and how you can use it in your team/organization.

Be prepared to be surprised by the energy and co-creation that will happen.

Who is this for?

5toFold is for facilitators and leaders who are ready to create a culture of respect, collaboration, engagement and sustainable impact, instead of a culture of control and top-down decisions.

 You may have experienced a decision being made by

• one leader 
• majority voting
• consensus
• consent

5toFold has aspects of consent and consensus but brings in additional aspects that make it a very powerful tool for high-impact teams. When used with the appropriate care.

This is for you, if you want to:
·     Co-create a culture of trust
·     Gain clarity regarding the engagement of people you collaborate with
·     Invite diversity and bringout the genius in people (instead of their resistance)
·    Complete projects successfully (instead of starting enthusiastically and then see people disengage along the way)

What is 5toFold?

5toFold is a collaborative decision-making process, meaning it is applicable in situations where a decision is not made top down, but by a group of people together. It is especially suited for purpose-centered teams and organizations. It can be used in business organizations, non-profit organizations, conscious communities, schools, and even with your family and friends.

5toFold creates space for high-quality conversations with all voices being heard. It is clearly structured and efficient. It can be used in-person and online.

We will:
· Explore a 5toFold decision-making process:
– How a meeting is structured
– The role of the sponsor
– The role of the facilitator
– The different phases of the process

· Learn about the flow of 5toFold including the voting process, the meaning of each alternative vote “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Fold”, and the benefit of these distinctions.

· Understand how this practice ensures that decisions are actually acted upon and supported by a whole team.

This workshop will be facilitated by Marai Kiele /Germany and Thomas Herrmann /Sweden, who are dedicated to sharing this process worldwide.

The learnshop will be held in English and you will receive the Zoom link after the registration. You will also receive a document explaining the 5tofold process before the meeting.

Anmälan sker via denna länk:

Datum: 31 januari 2023

Klockan 18.00 – 20.00

Träffen sker via Zoom, länk skickas ut efter registrering.