New ways of work are emerging. Teal is an approach that is people-friendly, and speaks to the intrinsic motivations of people, as well as it is complexity-informed, adopting organic principles that match the surrounding society. Core principles in teal are wholeness, self-organization and evolutionary purpose. Sense and respond. Rather than control and command, the leadership is enabling, purposedriven and creating conditions for employees and clients to thrive.

With the principle of peer-to-peer, teal for teal is a community for practitioners sharing experiences, knowledge and inspiration in the co-creation of organizations fit for the 21st century.

This is a participatory open-space session. You are welcome to:

  •  Share your experiences and challenges from adopting new ways of working
  • Tell us about a topic such as a book you’ve read, podcast, method
  • Bring up a question or dilemma for new perspectives

If you hesitate around how to frame your topic, welcome to reach out in our group on LinkedIn (Teal for teal Sweden) or Facebook (Teal for teal Malmö).

17.30-18.00: Check-in and introduction

18.00-18.40: Open-space and group discussions

18.40-19.00: Break with snack

19.00-19.40: Discussions part 2

19.40-20.00: Check-out.

This seminar is aimed at change leaders, team leaders, managers, business developers, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, coaches and all people interested in teal approaches to organising and leaderhip. Welcome!

Sign up in the Foo café event calender. Questions? Please contact Anna Lundbergh,  mentor in Teal for Teal Malmö at  070-876 39 78.